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At this time, my affections. are overflowed with sprinkling rain in Seattle.
I am an open book. from blogspace to make my daily goings-on slightly more public than they would otherwise be. On another sort, I'm living a double life. and as if there is no tomorrow.


So we sit on your couch on a Saturday night doing homework and watching reruns of That 70’s Show. But I don’t mind because I know I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else but here with you.

How long is it going to take you to realize that nobody likes you?

Nobody at all. Trust me. No one. Probably not even your own mother. 

I’d like to believe there is good in everyone.

But it’s getting so damn hard. There are times I want to say I’m done trying to find the impossible in every single soul out there but a little part of me doesn’t let me give up. Fuck that little part of me. 

I hate guys with bigger egos than their dicks.
I wanted so badly to lie down next to her on the couch, to wrap my arms around her and sleep. Not fuck, like in those movies. Not even have sex. Just sleep together, in the most innocent sense of the phrase. But I lacked the courage and she had a boyfriend and I was gawky and she was gorgeous and I was hopelessly boring and she was endlessly fascinating. So I walked back to my room and collapsed on the bottom bunk, thinking that if people were rain, I was drizzle and she was a hurricane.

Looking For Alaska by John Green

I’ve learned that no matter how much of yourself you give to someone, whether it be a little piece or everything, they’re going to take advantage of it. It’s going to hurt no matter what. I guess that’s just a part of life and we’re always constantly having to deal with this inevitable pain. I hope one day I’ll just find someone to fully open myself up to without fear or doubt. I just want that feeling of comfort and comprehension. But here I am still sitting here completely terrified I may never find that.

I’m not yours and your not mine.

But we can sit and pass the time.
No fighting wars, no ringing chimes. 
We’re just feeling fine. 

I need you.

I need you right here, right now with me. I want to feel your touch stimulate that tingling sensation all over my body. At this very moment.

Is everyday getting harder? Or am I getting weaker?

Let love find you, let it allow you to grow. 

If I could have any superpower I’d choose reading minds. It would solve a lot of problems! ✋

It’s like I don’t remember who you are anymore.

From what I hear about you now, I don’t think I’d want to remember anyway.